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Making Cats Happier and Healthier . . . One Catio at a Time
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I design and build catios that provide safety, enjoyment and a better quality of life for your cats. I specialize in custom-built catios that fit your space and budget. I build catios of any size, from small window boxes, to large zoo-like enclosures. My favorite part is installing custom features, like tree limbs, platforms, bridges, climbing towers, hidey-holes, and more!

Typically, my catios are not attached to the house, but sit as free-standing structures directly adjacent to the house. This makes them easily removable, and also addresses most regulatory requirements, from HoA rules, to local building codes and ordinances. Usually, I build catios with standard dimensional lumber, covered with black, "garden" fencing. I can also use rough-sawn lumber, for a beautiful Southwestern look. Options include metal (or other) roofs, shade latillas, ramps, perches, platforms, climbing towers, and more!

I have over 30 years of carpentry and construction experience, coupled with a life-long love for cats. In 2017, I was working as a carpenter/handyman, when a friend asked me to build her a catio. While making my third one, I realized I had found my niche.


My goal is to make your catio your cat's favorite place to be!

Let's work together to make a cool space for your cats!

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